제목 없음-5We have grown up a leading company in the world motorcycle racing markets 인사말imgwith efforts and passion over 40 years.We export high quality MC wear to more than 13 different countries start from Japan, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, USA, Brazil, Australia and etc and our business keeps carving out spaces. New gamers who are using an iOS system will also have the power to get the app from the App Store. Whereas this casino app may not have tons of of titles, it does provide a properly-rounded choice. Motorcycle racing is extreme sports crossing the max speed 300km/h.We concentrate on the racing wear protects the safety of racers so the racers can focus on their max speed and best  record. To make the safest racing wear we immerse ourselves in research and develop new products.

제목 없음-4Not satisfied with this, we have started textile apparel business since 2000 based on our excellent technical skill experienced from MC wear. And we keep growing into a global company with leather and textile clothing business.Our strength is lead buyers by win-win mind and having complementary relation with them rather than short-sighted and formal one.Now we are aiming to be called “Made in Hanil” beyond “Madein Korea.” Thank you.